Dr Stanislav Hrdinsky

Ry cloze main 01
Ry cloze side v02
Ry cloze side v01
Ry cloze back v012

I created him as part of the Artstation.com 2017 Film/VFX Character Art challenge.

I created a background story for him, and many other characters that I hope to create in the future.
A previous Ai installment officer, Dr Hrdinsky is elite in robotics and mechanical engineering. Can install many different ranges of cyborg ability, and administer the un-dead drug to willing participants to bring them back to life shortly after death. Has assisted in many murders and has a dark history. He’s helping the heroes to break out of corporation control, but to what ends for himself? Is he righting wrongs or just trying to climb the steep chain and double cross?

September 20, 2017