Ghost in the shell

Concepts for Rupert Sanders' Ghost In The Shell feature film

I was involved in concepts and initial design work for 3D street signage and holograms, car interior map holograms, advertising billboards and logo signage of this futuristic world.

Studio - Territory Studio london

CG Supervisor: Peter Eszenyi
Producer: Genevieve McMahon
VFX Coordinator - Alex Reinach
Creative Direction: Andrew Popplestone

VFX artists

Artists - Sam Munnings, Stylow, Nick Hill, Daniel Harries, Sam Cisternino, Julio Dean, Marco Gifuni, Mantas Grigaitas,
Compositors, Roman Bugrov, Billie Vine, Patrick Wong

film credits

Director: Rupert Sanders
Vfx Producer: Fiona Campbell-Westgate
Vfx Supervisors: Guillaume Rocheron, John Dykstra