Blade Runner 2049 Screen GFX

Asked to explore physical and organic alternatives to digital, LED and devices, the team at Territory sought to develop concepts that felt seamless with the bleak world of 2049. Setting aside CG tools and sketchbooks, we turned to the physical textures of old school technology.

Worked with the very talented Daniel Højlund to create screen graphics for Sapper Morton's protein farm diagnostics.

Studio - Territory Studio London

Creative Lead - Peter Eszenyi
Producer - Gen McMahon
Creative Director - Andrew Popplestone

Artists - Nik Hill, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Pedro Cyrne, Abel Reverter, Daniel Hojlund, Sam Keehan

Film credits

Dierctor: Denis Villeneuve
Production Designer: Dennis Gassner
Supervising Art Director: Paul Inglis
Director of Photography: Roger Deakins
Lead Graphic Designer: Laura Dishington
Graphic Designer: Enikő Bognár
Assistant Graphic Designer: Agi Maza