Alfa Bank Moscow Building Projection

The Spinifex Group was commissioned by DAE to create this innovative contribution to the 20th anniversary celebrations of Moscow's collapse of Communism in Moscow Day, featuring a spectacular 4D architectural projection-mapped video on the main building of Lomonosov Moscow State University, sponsored by Alfa Bank.

My section was a 50 second animation showing the changing face of computing, from early circuit boards to tape players and early digital gaming.

Studio - Spinifex Sydney

PRODUCER:  Cyril de Baecque


Jonny Old, Richard Swan, Jason French, Anna Meister, Jason French, Matt Lock, Joe Webber, Chris Hugget, Gilad Arazi, Ryan Close, Evan Hancock, Chris Zwar, Damian Dunne, Daniel Brown, Jon Snow, Pepin Portingale, Nick Hunter, Nathan Rule, Jonathan Chambers, Nathan Sheldrick, Makoto Hatanaka