Pacific Rim Uprising

Working closely with DNeg, Territory Studio delivered more than 200 shots for the sequel. After getting the brief from overall VFX Supervisor Peter Chiang and under the supervision of Peter Bebb, Dneg VFX Supervisor, we have been tasked to create and design the holographic control surfaces for the four hero Jaegers.

I was involved in several sequences, firstly to concept and animate a 'weird science holotable', that scientists would walk past and interact with. Made in cinema 4D, it rotates slowly and shows DNA chains, medical terminology and general complexity. I was also involved in concepts to show how the UI could work for the jaeger controls.

Studio - Territory Studio London

VFX Producer: Genevieve McMahon
VFX Supervisor: Peter Eszenyi
Comp Supervisor: Jason Halverson
VFX Coordinator: Ashton Hertz

VFX Artists - Daniel Hojlund, Nick Lyons, Roman Bugrov, Ricardo Musch, Chris Maw, Lorenzo Miglietti, Ferdinando Spagnolo, Ashley Pay, Gordon Spurs, Mantas Grigaitis, Safiya Gili, Marco Gifuni, James Brocklebank, Nick Treganza, Tim Preston, Andrea Braga, David Singer, Riess Shafique, Brett Lewis, Caroline Pires, Grant Henderson, Matthew Esterhuizen, Johan Dekker, Caroline Delgado, Roger Chiaw, Matt Tsang, Katie Goodwin, Joe Maker, Helder Real, Miguel Rato

Studio credits

2018 Legendary Entertainment

Director: Steven DeKnight
Overall VFX Supervisor: Peter Chiang
DNEG VFX Supervisor: Peter Beb