Spiderman: Far From Home

Art Directed a small team at Territory Studio to create many different UI and hologram VFX graphics for the film. It was great to jump into the process myself, designing and animating many different aspects, including the EDITH screens.

Studio - Territory Studios london

Art Director: Ryan Close
Project Lead: Nick Lyons
Creative Direction: David Sheldon Hicks / Andrew Popplestone

Animators/Designers: Grant Henderson, Lorenzo Miglietti, Sam Munnings, Sam Keehan, Jay Dingle, Charlotte Ouelette, Alex Gotsis, Miguel Rato, Nawaz Alamgir, Mathew Hotchkiss
Comp: Riess Shaffique, Ben, Andrea
Onset Graphics Lead: Daniel Højlund
Executive Producer: Tom McLoughlin
Producer: Ashton Hertz
Coordinator: Ben Margerison
Pipeline: Sean Feeley